Covering an area of 7.98 km2 , Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the smallest protected areas in Goa. The Sanctuary is a paradise for nature lovers due to the presence of only small Zoo of the state, Deer Safari Park, Botanical Garden and Eco-tourism Complex .


Flora and Fauna


The Sanctuary is mostly covered with moist deciduous forest with small patches of semi-evergreen forest and cane along streams. The dominant trees in this Sanctuary are Terminalia crenulata ( Matti, the state tree of Goa) and Rosewood.Although this Sanctuary encompasses small area, it is an ideal habitat for wildlife such as Gaur, Leopard, Jungle Cat, Wild boar, Porcupine, Malabar giant Squirrel, Pangolin & a variety of insects, amphibians, reptiles & birds.


What to see


Zoological Park - A mini Zoo permits one to see the fauna of Goa in moated enclosures with natural surroundings. Animal exhibits include elephant,Leopard,Hippo, Gaur, Sambar, Deers, Sloth Bear, Porcupine, Wild Boar, Crocodiles, Reptiles etc.


Formal Gardens - Spacious lawns, exotic trees, Varieties of roses, and colourful flowering plants in the middle of the forest do please the eye.


Botanical Garden - The large collection of plants is of interest to students.


Nature Education Centre - The NEC houses several exhibits, which visitors can see and interpret.


Nature Trails- For the more energetic the Nature Trails provide information simultaneously affording opportunities to see nature as it is.


Archeological exhibit- One of the best worked images of deity “Gajalaxmi” with several motives in bold relief belonging to the period between VI and VIII century venerated by ancient settlers are located here.


The zoo is closed for public on Mondays.


Where to stay?



For booking please contact
Dy. Conservator of Forest,Wild life and Eco-tourism (North), Junta House, Panjim
Phone : 0832-2229701


  • To protect, develop and manage the forest .
  • To implement policies and programmes of the State Government with regard s to protection, development and management of forest and wildlife resources of the state.
  • To enforce acts, laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the protection and management of forests and wildlife.
  • To take steps for the implementation of the National Forest Policy.
  • To recruit, train and deploy forestry personnel in protection, development and management of forests and wildlife.
  • To undertake plantations....Read More