With an area of 85.65 km2 Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary is the Southern most protected Area in Goa. The Sanctuary has hill ranges all along the north and eastern side and slopes towards western side.


Flora and Fauna

The forest is predominantly moist deciduous type with patches of semi-evergreen and evergreen forest at many places. The undulating terrain, favorable ecological and climatic conditions resulted in the rich diversity of flora and fauna in this region. The noteworthy among are Black (melanistic) Leopard, Sloth Bear, Painted Bat, Indian Pied Hornbill, Larger Golden Backed Woodpecker and variety of other faunal diversity.


What to See ?

* Dense Multistoried Forests with tall trees and rare plants where hardly any light reaches the ground.
* Perennial streams (Talpons river) and pitcturesque undulating terrain with a variety of wildlife, a paradise for birdwatchers.
* Butterfly Park

* Ancient Jeevothan Partagal Math noted for vedic studies is in the vicinity of sanctuary. An ancient Banyan Tree here which covers vast    area is a botanical miracle.
* Nature interpretation centre with exhibits and mini-library.
* Watch towers, Water holes, Bhandaras.
* The Bela lake, where one can relax in fresh air after a long promenade through the forests.
* The tree top at Bhutpal - whose immediate environment affords a sylvan and peaceful retreat for body and mind and wake to the tune    of chirping birds and rustling leaves.

* An exciting place for cycling and trekking, offers some of the finest vistas of the undulating terrain.
* The Famous temple of Parshurama, who according to the mythology created Goa, is situated opposite Forest Rest House.
* Turtle Nesting Sites at Galgibag & Agonda Beaches.
* Water Falls at Kuskem is well worth exploring.



Where to Stay

1. Forest Rest House-Poinguinim

For booking please contact
Dy. Conservator of Forest (South Goa) Margao (Tel.: 0832 - 2756309)


2. Eco-tourism Complex – Hathipaul



For booking please contact
Dy. Conservator of Forest,Wild life and Eco-tourism (South), Forest Complex, Margao- 403601
Phone : 0832-2756980
Email: dcfwlsouth-forest.goa@nic.in


  • To protect, develop and manage the forest .
  • To implement policies and programmes of the State Government with regard s to protection, development and management of forest and wildlife resources of the state.
  • To enforce acts, laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the protection and management of forests and wildlife.
  • To take steps for the implementation of the National Forest Policy.
  • To recruit, train and deploy forestry personnel in protection, development and management of forests and wildlife.
  • To undertake plantations....Read More