Cumbarjua Canal -15 km. stretch of water, Link Zuari with Mandovi river,a vibrant mangrove habitat, home for fresh water or marsh crocodile and migratory birds. Boat cruise packages are being thoughtfully designed by enthusiastic people to give visitors most memorable experience. The enchanting journey will take through the river to the picturesque back waters.

Mayem lake - A calm spread of water with geese and pedal boats in the midst of green hills is an exciting experience, where one can commune with nature. As you drive to the lake, the picturesque countryside with lovely villages and smiling folks on the way, offers a spectacular sight.

Turtle Nesting Sites- Morjim, Galgibag and Agonda beaches- the largest nesting places of the giant olive ridley turle. An amazing phenomena of nature, this is a regular annual occurrence since 1997-98.While earlier it was hunting ground for sea turtles, today it is a modal conservation centre for turtles.

Carambolim lake - Adding to the charm of the quiet village of Carambolim is the scenic reservoir fringed by lush greenery. Migratory birds seek this verdant landscape every year to frolic in the natural splendor till the end of the season. The cacophony of 80 different varieties of birds is unbelievable, tending to their young in the mixed heronries on the aquatic vegetation. Jacanas with their iridescent colours and the spectacular purple moorhens can be seen delicately treading over the floating vegetation.

Satpal arboretum - Established in 1972, is about 3 kms from Mollem. A number of research plots have been laid here. The Arboretum is ideally suited to meet the requirement of students for their field studies.

Netravalli lake - This lake in Sanguem Taluka has unique characteristics; there are continuous bubbles emerging on the lake surface, and upon clapping the intensity of the bubbles grow, with live springs, which suddenly gushes out in full spectacle.

Kesarval springs - Flowing thorough the woods at Quelossim off the Panjim-Margao Highway NH-17, the spring emerges from hard and compact rocks and people bathe in its water with strong belief that it has medicinal properties. Besides this spring, the springs at Socoile (Fort Aguada), Pomburpa, (Fondvem), Candolim, Camurlim in Bardez taluka. Keri in Ponda, Maina in Battim village - Tiswadi Taluka are others of interest. This waters run unadvertised, though full of health and curative power.

Arvalem Water all - in Bicholim Taluka is set amidst verdure and sylvan surroundings. At this beautiful spot, streams tricks as they make their way through the landscape and waters roar as they cascade down the mountains from a height of 70 ft. The forests here offer a soothing canopy. One can descend the staircase to look at a majestic waterfall shedding its exuberant silvery showers. The fall is best seen when in full flux just after the copious monsoon, when it presents a rapturous, ravishing and riotous aspect.

Arvalem Caves - The celebrated caves of Arvalem, belonging to a remote era, are in a westerly direction not far away from the temple of Rudreshwar and area of archaeological interest. A mythical background is attached to these caves.

Salaulim dam - The monochromatic landscape, its silent, serene splendour beckons the travelor to relax secured in the secluded warmth of nature. A quaint picnic spot ideal for a languorous break is an exhilarating experience.

Driving to the these places with your own vehicle will be always an exhilarating and memorable experience.

We strongly recommend to have one’s transport or a hired vehicle throughout the day to avoid problems & wastage of time.


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