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Forests of Goa form the part of Western Ghats, the region which have been internationally recognized as Biodiversity Hotspot of the world owing to its rich flora and fauna. Most of the Goan forests are located in the eastern region of the state. The forests of Goa are known for their grandeur and majesty. They are like a green pearl of the tourist paradise state. From Moist Mixed Deciduous Forests to Sub-Tropical Hill Forests, from Semi-Evergreen Forests to Evergreen Forests-the forests are the life supporting systems of the state as they are the store house of precious rivers & other natural resources.


Chief Minister, Forest Minister

Pramod Sawant

Cheif Minister, Forest Minister


Shri Puneet Kumar Goel, IAS

Principal Secretary


Shri Subhash Chandra, IFS

Principal Chief Conservator of Forests


Shri. Santosh Kumar, IFS

Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests & Chief Wildlife Warden


Shri Keshav Kumar, IFS

Chief Conservator of Forests


Shri Saurabh Kumar, IFS

Conservator of Forests

Programs & Schemes






People and Forest

Forestry in India is passing through a crucial stage...


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Wildlife Management

With 20% of its total geographical area...


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Satpal Arboretum

Arboretum is a Latin word meaning thereby a ...


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Disaster Management

Disaster Management Communication Plan...


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Schemes & Rules

The main objectives of managing the forests are...


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State Medicinal Plants

India has 15 Agroclimatic zones and 17000-18000...


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The main objectives of managing the forests are as given below:- 1. Maintenance of the environmental stability and equilibrium and the ecological balance in the region... Read More


List of Plan Schemes...

ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Goa State CAMPA, constituted vide Govt of Goa Notification dated 03.08.2009, receives funds... Read More


  • To protect, develop and manage the forest .
  • To implement policies and programmes of the State Government with regard s to protection, development and management of forest and wildlife resources of the state.
  • To enforce acts, laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the protection and management of forests and wildlife.
  • To take steps for the implementation of the National Forest Policy.
  • To recruit, train and deploy forestry personnel in protection, development and management of forests and wildlife.
  • To undertake plantations....Read More